Airway Beacon Tower Update

On Saturday, August 15th, a team of Boy Scouts and airport volunteers poured the cement foundations for the airway beacon tower and nearby equipment shed. The shed will be used for a memorial and interpretive display of the beacon tower. The first section of the tower structure is in place and the upper sections are nearly ready to go up.

2014 MAAC Grassroots Fly-In Information

Information has been published for attendees of the 2014 Midwest Antique Airplane Association “Grassroots” fly-in at Brodhead Airport on September 5-7. Go here for all the details:

PLEASE NOTE: The MAAC Grassroots Fly-In is a private event for members of the Midwest Antique Airplane Club. All attendees, whether flying or driving in, must be members of MAAC. For information on joining, please contact MAAC president, Jay Baeten.


As always, contact us with any questions.

Roy Spach Completes Kitfox Flight Testing

Chapter 431 member Roy Spach has completed the mandated 40 hours of flight testing on his Kitfox project. From Roy:

Flew the first time on 6/13 and then every sunny day thereafter. Completed phase I testing on 7/20. Haven’t stopped smiling since. What a blast! Could not have done it without the massive amount of advice, help and encouragement from all the guys in the neighborhood, especially Gene, Si and Matt. Heartfelt thanks to all.

Congratulations, Roy!


Pietenpol/Hatz Fly-In Roundup

The 2014 Pietenpol/Hatz fly-in was another successful one, with nearly 20 Pietenpols from all around the country and even one from Winnipeg, Canada. We counted 11 Hatz Biplanes, which is about double from last year.

Thank to all who attended and made the effort to fly to Brodhead Airport. We enjoyed having you!

Some pictures from the weekend are HERE:

If you have any pictures or online galleries you would like to share, please send them to and we’ll post them here.


Hatz Lineup

Canada Piet

2014 Pietenpol/Hatz Fly-In Information

For those attending the 2014 Pietenpol/Hatz Fly-In at Brodhead Airport on July 24-27, the information page has been updated and posted to assist in your planning. Go here:

Information on parking, camping, lodging, food, potties, fly-by patterns and so on are on the page, updated for 2014. Activities specific to the Brodhead Pietenpol Association or the Hatz Club are not posted at this time.

Check back for updates and if you still have questions about anything at the event, please contact us at

Swiss Hatz First Flight


Brodhead Airport attracts fans from all over the world, and in recent years, Hans and Sam Gautschi from Switzerland have kept in touch with the Hatz Biplane they are building and even attended the annual Hatz fly-in in July. Yesterday, member Gene Calkins received the following message:

Dear Gene,

Do you remember us? We met us at Brodhead and built a Waco styled Hatz with a Rotec radial engine, which we finished this Spring. Now, we are pleased to tell you and the Brodhead airport community, that Sam made a successful first flight on June 11 at 745 p.m.! Sam did an amazing job with just his about 160 hours flight experience in his pocket! Everything went well and the Hatz flies beautifully! A video on youtube will follow a.s.p. We are very happy with our Hatz and thanks to the late Mehlin Smith, who showed us that a modification to the already well basic design is worth and can be successfully accomplished.

We hope to return to Brodhead for the Hatz meeting next year, but unfortunately cannot take the Hatz with us!

Please find some pictures attached.
Kindest regards
Hans & Sam, Switzerland

You can learn more about the Hatz project on Hans and Sam’s website. Pictures of the first flight are below.

Congratulations Hans and Sam!

UPDATE: Here is a nice video of the first flight:





Dave Waller’s Pietenpol Progress

Chapter 431 member Dave Waller sent some pictures of his Pietenpol Aircamper project along with some information:

I started making ribs April of 2012. I got a beat up jig from the chapter and rebuilt it. Then I started on empennage and now I have just about all of the wood parts made except for the spars, leading and trailing edges. I am going to have to rework some parts so that statement is not quite accurate but today I hope to have the parts made to bolt the struts to the fuselage for the center wing section.

I am going to use a Corvair motor and some components from William Wynn to make it an airplane motor. I am trying to make every part myself, which drives my friends with more skills and better shops nuts, but it is my goal.


Photo gallery is here:

Looking pretty good, Dave. Thanks for the update and good luck moving forward. Hope to see it flying soon.


Aircraft Familiarization for Local Fire Crews

Last Wednesday (June 11), the Brodhead Fire Department came out to Chapter 431′s annual Aircraft Familiarization and Fire/Rescue training class at the airport.

Brodhead Fire Department's heavy iron

Brodhead Fire Department’s heavy iron

Member Bill Bell gave the presentation and five local pilots opened up their airplanes to show details of the fuel systems, electrical and other components that are important for First Responders to know about.



A big thank you to the Brodhead Fire Department crews for coming out and letting us show you a few things about the aircraft we fly and the activities going on out here.  Thanks also to our pilots and presenters, Mike Williams (J-3 Cub), Bob Buzzell (Stinson 108), Ben Johnson (Cessna 172), Bill Liimatainen (Fairchild 24), Jeff Fink (RV-8), Pat Weeden, Mike Weeden and Bill Bell.


Frank Baker to Present “Cub Tales” June 14

Local author Frank Baker will be giving a presentation at Brodhead Airport on Saturday, June 14 at 10:00 on his book, “Piper Cub Tales” and his adventures flying a J-3 Cub all around the country.

Frank Baker

See Frank’s website HERE.

Join the book’s author as he flies adventure filled cross-country flights in a 1946 Piper Cub. Flying low and slow across seemingly endless prairies, through narrow mountain valleys, and over high mountain passes in the Rocky, Cascade and Appalachian Mountains, totaling some 71,695 miles, he and his passengers experience the extremes of Mother Nature’s personality. As a purist, Frank navigates solely by aeronautical chart, plotter, stopwatch, airspeed and compass. His “seat of the pants” flying in a vintage tail-dragger gives the reader a feeling for what aviation was like in an almost bygone era.

Spread the word and join us on Saturday the 14th for an interesting presentation!

A Record Pancake Breakfast

What a great day for a fly-in pancake breakfast! On Sunday, May 18, we fed just over 500 guests and even though we lost count, we estimate around 75 airplanes that flew in from around the region to enjoy the great flying weather and community at Brodhead Airport.



UW MedFlight made a dramatic, yet short appearance. After landing at 9:00 a.m. and setting up for display, a big crowd assembled and marveled at the awesome machine and it’s crew. But at 9:15, duty called and the crew was dispatched for an emergency call somewhere and the flew off with a rush and a lot of noise. Pretty cool.



 The Young Eagles rally flew 24 kids and a few parents.


Check out the photo gallery from the day HERE.

Chapter 431 would like to extend a big thank you to everybody who came out from Brodhead and the surrounding area, the pilots who flew in, the MedFlight crew, the Young Eagles volunteer pilots and all the volunteers who spent the weekend making this event a big success.