Swiss Hatz First Flight


Brodhead Airport attracts fans from all over the world, and in recent years, Hans and Sam Gautschi from Switzerland have kept in touch with the Hatz Biplane they are building and even attended the annual Hatz fly-in in July. Yesterday, member Gene Calkins received the following message:

Dear Gene,

Do you remember us? We met us at Brodhead and built a Waco styled Hatz with a Rotec radial engine, which we finished this Spring. Now, we are pleased to tell you and the Brodhead airport community, that Sam made a successful first flight on June 11 at 745 p.m.! Sam did an amazing job with just his about 160 hours flight experience in his pocket! Everything went well and the Hatz flies beautifully! A video on youtube will follow a.s.p. We are very happy with our Hatz and thanks to the late Mehlin Smith, who showed us that a modification to the already well basic design is worth and can be successfully accomplished.

We hope to return to Brodhead for the Hatz meeting next year, but unfortunately cannot take the Hatz with us!

Please find some pictures attached.
Kindest regards
Hans & Sam, Switzerland

You can learn more about the Hatz project on Hans and Sam’s website. Pictures of the first flight are below.

Congratulations Hans and Sam!

UPDATE: Here is a nice video of the first flight:





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