Star Gazing During Piet/Hatz Fly-In

Local astronomer, Walter Trentadue will host a tour of the night skies on Thursday and Friday, July 19-20, during the Pietenpol/Hatz Fly-In. Telescopes will be set up just south of the Chapter building at Brodhead Airport after the evening dinner.

From Walter’s website:

Dragons, serpents,  kings, queens, heroes, and warriors- these are but some of the things located in the heavens above, that the ancients viewed and revered every night. Please join us for an informative tour of the skies with Walter Trentadue, a local astronomer, who will point out the brighter stars and constellations, and explain some of their associated mythology. Following a brief tour of our solar system, he will then use telescopes to find various deep sky objects, including star clusters, nebula, and galaxies located millions of light years away.

The program is free and open to all ages. Stop by and check out the night sky after the flying is done for the day.

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