EAA 431 Display at Green County Ag Breakfast

The 2015 Green County Breakfast on the Farm was hosted this year by EAA Chapter 431 member Dan Wegmueller on May 30th, and since Dan has a grass strip on his farm for his 1940 Fairchild 24R, he invited Chapter 431 members to fly in and set up a display about our activities. Poor weather kept most airplanes grounded, but several members still attended and Brian Law set up Young Eagles and Aviation Explorer Scout displays among the hay bales in one of Dan’s sheds.

The event regularly draws 4,000 visitors, so we had some good exposure and talked to many people about events at Chapter 431. Gypsy Air Tours and Biplanes Rides of America, both based at Brodhead, were also in attendance and hopping rides.

Fairchild and WacoFarm DisplayFarm Display 2Farm

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